Connect up to four USB modules to a protective case equipped with wireless charging, a lens mount, and a two-way kickstand.


    MODR® wirelessly charges the 1000 mAh internal battery. Charge your friends' phones with PowerShare™ technology.


    A shock absorbent interior sleeve is encased within a hard external shell for maximum protection. Larger and more powerful xMods™ can be connected to the xPort™

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The omnifunctional MODR® is the only modular SuperCase™ powered by a patented* USB hub system. Add USB modules to a protective case equipped with wireless charging, an internal battery, a magnetic lens mount, and a two-way kickstand.

*US Patent #14/555,934

Compatible devices: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry devices. Tablets including Microsoft Surface & Samsung Galaxy Tab. MODR® is developing technology to allow users to upgrade phones while keeping the same case. All modules will always work with every MODR® case. Apple iPhone support is in development.


MODR®'s shock absorbent interior case is encased within a hard external shell allowing us to keep the form factor of the case as slim as possible. Take only the slimmer inner case with attached lens mount when the situation arises.


Combine cable charging and Qi-compatible wireless charging to power the internal 1000mAh battery, as well as your smartphone. Share the power with friends by connecting their smartphones with the included MODR® PowerShare™ adaptor to the Micro USB reMod™.


Control and monitor the functionality of MODR® and the modules you choose to connect.


Work or play for hours in comfort with MODR®'s sturdy kickstand in both Portait and Landscape mode, which allows users to watch movies, video call with friends, hands-free.


Personalize your smartphone with MODR® reMods™. These interchangeable devices will allow you to customize the functionality of your phone, and can be shared between all MODR® cases.

Micro SD

Expand your smart device's memory by up to 128 GB.

Micro USB

Attach USB devices such as a mouse or keyboard, or use our PowerShare™ adaptor to give your friends a charge boost.

LED Torch

Use the LED Torch reMod™ to light your way with two power settings.

Multicolor LED

Create uniquely colored photos and videos, or add to a party atmosphere with Visualizer Mode, with EQ-responsive lighting.

IR Emitter

Control your media devices with your smartphone with the infrared emitter reMod™.

Heart Rate Reader

Measure your heart rate with the Heart Rate reMod™.


Larger and more powerful xMods™ can be connected to the xPort. Innovative design still allows use of reMods™ while an xMod™ is attached.

Wireless Battery

The 3000 mAh Battery xMod™ can be charged via cable or wireless charging to make sure you have all the power you need for your day.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth Speaker xMod™ can be charged via cable or wireless charging, and can also charge your phone.

TV Tuner

Watch and record HDTV channels over the air with the TV Tuner xMod™.


Watch movies and play games on a 50"+ screen with the Projector xMod™.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Discover leaks in your insulation, find your escaped pet at night, or spot someone with a fever with the Thermal Imaging xMod™.


Play your favorite mobile games with the freedom of a fully-featured Gamepad. Stow away the Gamepad xMod™ when not in use.

Camera Grip

Use the Camera Grip xMod™ to control camera functions, zoom and focus with ease, and extend your sessions with the built-in battery.


Type away on the QWERTY Keyboard xMod™, and fold it away when you don't need it.

 Magnetic Lenses

MODR® enables a variety of beautiful and versatile images to be captured on a mobile device camera, thanks to magnetic macro, wide angle, zoom and fisheye lenses. The lens mount is built into the slim inner case, allowing for secure attachment to the lens.

Macro Lens

Wide Angle Lens

2X Zoom Lens

Fish Eye Lens

 Make Your Own Modules 

Create and share your own USB modules with the MODR® Home Kit, allowing for near-unlimited expansion. Any USB device that is compatible with the native operating system of your device will be supported. Blank reMods™ & xMods™ will come built in with a micro USB connector, allowing for circuitry to be placed inside. Models of blank modules will be made available for home 3D printing.

 3.5mm Headphone
Jack Replacement

Keep using all your favorite headphones and connect to your car audio system with MODR®’s external 3.5mm connector.


Vlad Ivanovski
Electrical Engineer

Oliver Sandovski
3D Modelling & Machinist


@GoMODR Twitter Feed